Ford Extended Service Plan

If you are not sure if an extended service plan is right for you, please read below to find out some of the biggest benefits. Also, FordESP can be put on almost all makes and models. If you did not purchase your vehicle from Bob Ridings Taylorville, not a big deal, we can offer you the same great coverage. With multiple options, we can find the extended service plan that works best for you. We hope you will allow us to help keep your vehicle on the road for a long time.

Here are a few facts about the extended service plans we provide:
  •     Backed by Ford Motor Company
  •     Ford authorized replacement parts
  •     Rental car reimbursement
  •     Travel expense reimbursement
  •     Roadside assistance
  •     Towing assistance

Backed by Ford Motor Company

Hundreds of aftermarket plans are available. FordESP is the only plan backed by Ford Motor Company.

Who backs the aftermarket plans?

Aftermarket plans advertise that you may take your vehicle anywhere for service. Do not believe it. There are many dealerships that refuse to accept many of the aftermarket plans because of past problems. Ford Motor Company has a vested interest in your satisfaction with your vehicle.

Ford Authorized Replacement Parts

The statement speaks for itself. Using genuine Ford parts are very important for your vehicle's long life.

Rental Car Reimbursement

With Ford's Extended Service Plans, rental car reimbursements of $30.00 per day for Ford, or $45.00 per day for Lincolns are available if your dealer must keep your vehicle overnight for an ESP-covered repair.

Travel Expense Reimbursement

If a breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from your home, Ford will reimburse travel expenses up to $500.00 for up to 3-days. Reimbursable expeses include car rental, lodging, and meals.

Roadside Assistance

With Ford's ESP, roadside assistance is a very important option. Dead batteries, dry fuel tanks, keys locked inside the vehicle, or flat tires are not the problem they used to be. Call Ford's 24-hour 365-day toll free hot line for the solution. (

Towing Assistance

Need a tow? With Ford's ESP, up to $100.00 is provided for towing expense.